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Roman Sedlak
Rembrandt has been a self taught artist who loved to discover new methods of painting throughout his career, so do I. My works consist of paintings, photography and newly also of sculpture. I always love to embark on a new journey and find a new way how to create something unique and beautiful. 

My works are influenced by old masters such as Vermeer, Da Vinci, Rubens, Tizian or Modigliani. Once a while I enjoy creating a reproduction of their work to find out more about their techniques and methods of oil painting.

I always try to learn more about optical laws so that I can understand what makes people "tick" in regards to beauty and arts. This is the reason why I also love to take monochrome pictures with my camera or newly try to work with metal sculpture.

Once a while I do commission work such as portraits or reproductions. Check out my gallery to learn more about my artwork.

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2018 - Emauzy - Chvála stínu 
2017 - Art Fabrika - Kdyz se potkal Albanec a Bulhar v Praze
2016 - NOD / Roxy Gallery - collective exhibition Samorosti
2016 - Infocentrum Kolovraty
2015 - Cafe Sedme Nebe (Seventh Heaven)
2014 - Vitkov memorial 

Curator of Exhibitions:

2017 - Wail of Silence - Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov
2016 - Wail of Silence - Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov
2014 - Wail of Silence - Radlicka Kulturni sportovna

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